Large-Scale Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Study Award

Photo by Htwo-Fuel AS

Aragon achieved a significant milestone in 2022 by securing a concept study contract from Htwo-Fuel AS for a green hydrogen and ammonia production project.

The initial phase of the project development involved the engineering study of a large-scale plant for producing zero-emission fuels in Lutelandet, Norway, which is strategically located close to export channels. Aragon’s scope of work included the overall engineering design of the combined ammonia and hydrogen plant, including storage and distribution solutions.

The project aims to utilize stable renewable energy from hydropower to ensure maximum availability of the plant. The produced ammonia will be liquefied and made ready for export, and part of the hydrogen produced will be made available for local use and distribution. This initiative marks a significant step towards sustainable energy production and reinforces Aragon’s commitment to a greener future.