Altera Stella Maris CCS – Carbon Capture and Storage-project

Example of potential CCS flow
Photo: Altera Infrastructure

Aragon is happy to announce that we have been selected by Altera Infrastructure for the Feasibility Study Project, Stella Maris CCS – Carbon Capture and Storage. The scope involves developing the topside concept for the C02-treatment and injection system. 

Stella Maris CCS is granted partial funding from Gassnova (Norwegian state enterprise to promote technology and competence within CCS). The project covers large scale transport and injection of CO2 in subsea reservoirs/aquifers, where shuttling of CO2 to a Sevan FSIU (Floating Storage and Injection Unit) floater is considered. 

The basis for an international CCS market is The Paris Agreement regarding global warming (signed up by 175 nations) and the EU goal of being Carbon Neutral by 2050.

According to the UN Climate Panel, the capture, transport, and storage of CO2 emissions from industrial production is a key step in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. The storing can be done in a sustainable way by using a secure location, such as an offshore reservoir.

A number of dedicated CO2 storage reservoirs are identified on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and Altera Infrastructure with partners can now proceed to test the feasibility of plans to develop and manage the CCS chain, from loading at port, ship transport to field, offshore storage and continuous injection of CO2 volumes into the reservoir.